Welcome to the Durham County Web page on Long Term Care.

The purpose of this page is to:

  • Provide general information regarding the area of long term care.
  • Provide information on facilities in Durham County that can be helpful when selecting a home.
  • Refer to other resources that provide information regarding long term care.

The decision to place a love one in a long-term care setting can be difficult for many families. The decision is usually based on a decline in an individual’s health or mental capabilities, or the realization that care needs can no longer be met in one’s own home. Placement often results as a result of hospitalization and often there is not much time to make a decision as to where a loved one may be placed.

There are different levels of care in the community and often times it is difficult to distinguish between the different types of homes.  Facilities are licensed and categorized based on size, services provided and population(s) served.  The decision to choose a specific facility is difficult and families need to gather as much information as possible regarding available placements before an individual is placed.

Our intent is to provide information that is helpful and that will assist families when making choices regarding the placement of a loved one into a long term facility.

There are many kinds of residential facilities for adults and their families to choose from. Facilities are licensed and categorized based on size, services provided and population(s) served. The decision to choose a specific facility should be well thought out and researched and thoroughly discussed with the adult who will be living there. In today’s world, adults are living longer and longer, so the facility you choose now could be your loved one’s home for many years to come.

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